O Supermaniac
(solo project)
5 weeks
(Oct. 2019)
I once dreamt about all the emails I've received in my life interlacing into a two-dimensional mass, swallowing me instantly like a wave from Miller’s planet in Interstellar.  

TMI, Too Much Information.

I decided to make a book about it; About information, conversation overflow and juxtaposition of texts.
analyzed and explored typography as a visual device for expression and interpretation
Visual Metaphor:
experimented with form, color, pattern, hierarchy, composition and communication on a visual metaphor
Quantum Leap:
Applied the same design system on both digital and print version of this typography piece
The piece draws lyrics from O Superman and From the Air by Laurie Anderson and juxtaposes them with the script from Maniac, a Netflix Original show with a resembling theme.

The lyrics and the show both address issues of technology and communication with a wild and audacious approach, reveal the ethically problematic value behind the facade of progressive science.
This book is a hybrid of accordion fold and french fold. It could be read as a french fold book with black inner spreads, and to be unfolded like an accordion book.
The cover of the book is made from gold mirror cut vinyl
When folded, it is a drum-leaf bound book.
Readers can browse through the book page by page.
When fully expanded, it is an accordion book with all pages laid out in front of the reader.
After making the print version of O Supermaniac, I wanted to push the project further by taking the content into digital space and explore more possibilities on pixels.
This site was built on Webflow, a website builder taking control of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in a completely visual canvas.
Loading animation and landing page
A fully responsive customized cursor is utilized to help readers to explore and interact with the website
Animated actions triggered by scrolling
Animated actions triggered by clicking
Experience the full online version here! (Length: 2 mins)