Designing type and brand identities
Building a diverse and bold future for all
01 — Grave New World
When was the last time you visited a cemetery? What did you do?
02 — Underwood Deviled Ham
An innovative design refresh that celebrates Deviled Ham as a versatile pantry staple that can elevate any savory meal.
03 — Encha
A thoughtful brand experience for this artisan matcha business from identity to packaging.
04 — Southport Music Box Corporation
When rebranding for Southport Music Box Corporation, I created a design advocating for shattering boundaries and forming communities.
05 — Quanzoid
A display font inspired by wavy forms found in nature
06 — Wingspan
A painterly display sans serif inspired by Americana sign painting.
Experimental Display Typeface
07 — O Supermaniac
Experimenting with typography on the concept of "Too Much Information" in print and digital form.