Sari Foods
Sari Foods is committed to providing foodies with the most nutritious calories. Globally and sustainably sourced, Sari’s powerful superfood lineup offers whole food based powders, seasonings, and recipes.
Sari Foods planned to launch two new seasonings to their nutritional yeast family. The new seasoning duo is a bold move for Sari Foods into the realm of spice cabinet essentials.
I was tasked to craft a confident, bold and impactful package design solution tailored for fast-moving online retail sites. The packaging design is a vibrant twist from Sari Food’s original earthy color palette with the stretch to deliver on innovation.
Brand and typography guidelines
Package design for new seasoning line
Design Director: David Gutiérrez
Project Manager: Lorena González
3D & Motion Graphics Director: Aldo González
Senior Designer: Laura Garza, Ricardo Medina
Designer: Raven Mo
Disciplines covered
Package Design
1 week
Brand Design Expansion
A pop of brightness in your pantry
When choosing a color palette for the packaging, we stayed within the range of delightfully bright colors inspired by nature. While still keeping the overall look cohesive with the original brand, the combination of an old style serif and a humanist sans serif highlights Sari’s craft and commitment in premium functional foods.
Packaging Design
Ways to zhuzhed up vegan goodness.
The packaging for this new line of nutritional yeast seasoning is made to encourage new nutritional yeast convert to embrace and integrate vegan and organic pantry ingredients into their diet.
Family shots of the new seasonings with the rest of Sari's products on social media.