Focal Point is a fully responsible promotional and utilitarian website for Gaze Film Festival.
digital and identity design
(solo project)
5 Weeks
(Nov.2019 - Dec.2019)
In four weeks, I developed a website with a new brand identity for GAZE Film Festival, which features Alfred Hitchcock directed movies this year. The goals of this website are to sell passes and delivering an accurate schedule of events featuring films and interviews.

Overall, this website aims to communicate what the user may experience when going to the festival in real life, while not being overwrought with information.
User Experience design:
market research, user personas, site map
Visual Design:
typography system, brand identity
To design a website that:

improves the emotional response of the primary users

being versatile in different settings
Previous years of the same festivals found that most users are accessing the old website through a mobil device during the festival, while initially most bought passes on a desktop computer. The data also suggest that most attendees are from out of town, which their primary device is a phone while abroad.
The primary users for this website are classic espionage and horror movie lovers and festival-goers. Thus I interviewed several targeted potential consumers, understood their motivations and frustrations and came up with two user personas to help me further develop my project.
Inaccessible typographic system
To merely achieve visual effects, websites sometimes have flashy animation, yet neglected the readability of texts and hierarchy.
Inefficient calendar navigation

For small festivals with less events, a succinct and efficient calendar for schedule exploration is needed.
For this website, I chose shades of black and a saturated bright red as the accent color the emphasize the espionage theme throughout Hitchcock’s movies. A flexible sans serif is used to as the display type to add a contemporary touch and build up a brand identity for the movie festival itself. I also used the camera in-focus animation to echo with the definition of GAZE.  
Landing page
All basic info is listed on the first screen, and multiple CTA buttons that leads to corresponding sections that users are interested
Scroll within mini browser to see more
Minimalistic one page schedule for easy navigation
About Hitchcock and the festival
Big font size and spacious leading to create a smooth reading experience
a pass
Minimalistic interface for more efficient check-out process  
Some visual element are omitted for easy navigation and clean layout.  
One important lesson I learned while developing Focal Point was to understand user’s motivation. It is crucial to always come back to the user needs and add visual components accordingly. In addition, I had a chance to explore ways brand storytelling and feeling of a product could be delivered on a digital platform.