Encha is an artisan matcha business that harvests and produces high-quality, organically-farmed matcha to the masses. Rooted in ancient traditions where slow, meticulous care is paramount, Encha’s mission is to invite matcha lovers to experience the rich, complex flavor and enjoy the benefits of pure, clean energy.
Encha is looking for expanding its category-leading e-commerce brand.
We secured the standing on Amazon first and foremost with a brand facelift based on the prior design to retain product familiarity, followed by packaging optimization.
I was heavily involved from brainstorm to execution on the rebrand for Encha from identity to packaging.
Digital-first brand guide
Branded icon set
Amazon storefront design
Amazon product gallery design
Amazon A+ product feature design
Ceremonial Starter Kit package design
Electrical Whisk Kit package design
Matcha powder label design
Design Director: David Gutiérrez
Project Manager: Lorena González Gil
3D & Motion Graphics Director: Aldo Gonzalez
Senior Designer: Kati Perez
Senior 3D Designer: Constance Bensen
Designer: Raven Mo
Disciplines covered
Identity Design
Visual Design
Package Design
4 months
Brand Guide
Familiar looks mindfully redesigned.
The new design system for Encha signals a familiar look with the heritage green palate from Encha’s original packaging, and further evolves the system by incorporating design elements inspired by the origin of Encha into a modern palate to speak to the brand’s heritage and tradition.
Amazon Assets
Optimized for legibility and storytelling
We prioritized clarity of information through lifestyle photography and product use cases and tested each Amazon design asset on different digital touch-points.
↑ Responsive on-Amazon landing page optimization
↑ Product landing page and A+ content implemented on Amazon
Packaging Design
Premium Commercial
Consumer testing and surveys show preference to packages that land the sweet spot between artisan and commercial design. We positioned the redesign for the Ceremonial Starter Kit and Electronic Whist Kit as upscale options with visual familiarity to all audiences.
↖ Influencer showcase